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The self-test is a tool to determine whether you are infected with the Coronavirus. You can use the test if you need to have proof of a privately taken COVID test. More and more businesses and airlines are accepting Rapid Antigen Tests as a valid entry/travel document. Always pay attention to what the local authorities require in terms of testing. This self-test is not a replacement for the PCR test. We are not liable for this if, for example, you have the wrong tests for your event/destination.

Yes, the Roche SD Biosensor SARS-CoV-2 Rapid Antigen Test is approved under Health Canada's Interim Order. You can read more on the validation here.

The reliability of the test is given in the following facts:

Relative Sensitivity 83.3% (95%CI: 74.7% - 90.0%)
Relative Specificity 99.1% (95%CI: 97.7% - 99.7%)

After placing your order online via this website you will receive your package via parcel delivery. This box includes your test kit, your unique QR-coded placemat and an instruction card. On the placemat there is an unique QR code that you scan with your smartphone. You will be directed to the online browser where you will be asked for some additional information for verification and the preparation of the documentation (certificate). The online web application guides you through the entire testing process, which indicates step by step what you have to do to take the test correctly. When all steps have been completed correctly, you can finish the process and you will receive the result/certificate within one hour on business days (Monday-Friday between 8AM-5PM). On Saturday we have different verification hours and on Sunday we are closed.

If you take the test on business days (Monday to Friday) between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM, you will receive the COVID certificate in your email within 60 minutes. We verify your test immediately after you have completed the testing process. If you take the test outside these business hours, it can sometimes take a little longer, but we often also verify in the evenings. Sunday is an exception for us, it's the only day we don't work.

Some employers/businesses/airlines ask you to take a COVID test when you come to the company/event/cafe/restaurant. After receiving the certificate you can show it upon arrival. We recommend that you always check whether the company/event/cafe/restaurant accepts the COVID certificate.

You can also use it to travel to countries that accept a Rapid Antigen test. Check out the website of the local authorities and airlines for those accepting this type of test.

Yes, these tests are not government funded.

After the certificate has been sent, all personal data will be deleted from our system within 72 hours. After 72 hours nothing is visible anymore.

This is to verify that you are taking the test and that the proof of identity is yours.

You can order them through this website.

The tests can be used when there are no symptoms related to COVID-19. (common colds such as nose cold, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, cough, shortness of breath, increase or fever, sudden loss of smell and/or taste (without nasal congestion))

If you do suffer from one of these symptoms, we advise you to have a PCR test taken.

Do you have severe symptoms? Then always contact your doctor.

No, you should preferably have a PCR test performed by a healthcare professional.

Yes, that's possible! More and more countries are accepting Antigen Rapid Tests. It is important to be well aware of the requirements of the country you are traveling to. Some explicitly state that they do not accept self-administered tests. Make sure you are aware of the requirements of your destination. We can under no circumstances be liable for this, also because this information changes so frequently. 

Your travel statement is an official English document signed by our doctor. This contains your name, date of birth, your document number (ID, Passport, etc.), name and brand of the test and also the date and time you took the test. Also stated on the document is the responsible test institute.

No that is not necessary. The test kit you will receive from us contains a placemat with a unique QR code on it. Once you scan it with your smartphone, it automatically opens the online browser where you can take the test and enter and upload all your data. This works very simply and is also doable for those not familiar with digital services!

That's not a problem, as long as you have an internet connection on your smartphone.

Unfortunately not. Due to the temporary nature of the products being sold we can not accept returns under any circumstances. 

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