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About us

What does Proof of Entry do?

Proof of Entry is an e-commerce business that has developed a smart web app that virtually guides people with their COVID-19 self-test. After completing this online guided testing process, and after we have verified your personal results we can offer you as client a valid COVID certificate.

By means of our unique services we try to contribute to the safe admission of travelers, visitors, customers and employees. Proof of Entry is committed to granting access through virtual guided rapid testing. This allows (travel) companies, airports, schools etc. to admit their customers, employees and visitors in a safe, fast and efficient way. The company was originally set up as a on-site testing company in the Netherlands in October 2020. Due to the changing demand the pandemic threw our way, we decided to digitalize the complete testing process. After having succesfully launched our Dutch webshop in July 2021 (, we decided to expand to North America and Africa as Proof of Entry is part of Veilig Open B.V. and CMLT Enterprises.

Background of Proof of Entry

After the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic we were forced to look for alternative business. That started in April 2020 with our first webshop in covid related materials: In October 2020, our first commercial test location was added in The Netherlands called offered rapid tests (with and without a signed certificate from the supervising doctor) and PCR tests in multiple locations across the Netherlands. After seeing what the market really demanded we decided to expand our business to virtual guided self tests by means of our smart app We launched this in July 2021, with success. Therefore we decided to expand this app to other parts of the world, under the name of

The developments for re-opening the economy by local governments is slow and complicated. The government's capacity for COVID testing offers too little perspective for companies and consumers, so we decided to change course with our organization. Under the name of we now provide virtual-guided self-tests by which access can be granted to employees, visitors and customers in a safe and efficient way.

More information about the test

The product we sell is a simple test kit box with a certified self test including a placemat with a unique QR-code granting access to a mobile web app that virtually guides the customer through the self-testing process an subsequently provides a digitally sent PDF file which can be used as a proof for entry.

The customer can take the self-test in the comfort of their home. After completing the test process a Proof of Entry professional checks the data/images/results by means of photos whether the test is negative, and whether it has been taken correctly by the right person.

After this verification process, a PDF certificate is emailed to the customer. This can be used as an admission ticket or as a travel statement that the user has been tested negative for COVID-19. We use the Roche SARS-CoV-2 Rapid Antigen Test. This test has been approved under Health Canada's Interim Order. You can read more information on this approval here. *Note: we advise to check with the venue you are visiting if they accept a valid and signed PDF certificate (non-compatible for the Government's Health QR code App).

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